Hotels – Hospitality – Tourism

Hotels – Hospitality – Tourism

Hotels – Hospitality – Tourism

Hotels – Hospitality – Tourism

Hotels – Hospitality – Tourism


Our group advises, finances and carries out project in the hospitality industry

Los Lorentes Group

Hotels, Aparhotels, Apartments and Residences with personalized hotel services for different types of stay.

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Service provider in the hotel and tourism industry.



Project leadership

Hôtel Management

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AGESCO-PVW is a fiduciary and management company for the CHHotel group.


Commitment to society and faith


1. Principle

We believe that free enterprise provides the optimal basis for morality and for humane professional and economic development. We are convinced that the intention to do one’s best for a company is more important than any specific knowledge or ability.

2. Ideas

CHHotel is currently developing a variety of projects in many cities. Long term we foresee the efficient and profitable management of properties throughout Europe while retaining the center of our activities in Switzerland.

Our concept is based primarily on the following points:

  • The ideas of the Managing Director as well as the objectives, principles, and the resulting decisions;
  • A realistic view, which meets the demands of the marketplace while respecting the character of the buildings and properties.

3. Image

We want to build a positive reputation in Switzerland and throughout Europe by providing quality services and by tailoring of our offers to meet client needs.

4. Activities

Our company wants to promote tourism, and to accomplish this through the following channels:

  • Lease, rental and management of companies in the hotel industry;
  • Consulting and planning for hotels, restaurants and affiliated companies;
  • Brokering, purchase and sale of various properties, licenses, franchise agreements and management agreements

5. Strategy

Our goal is to make realistic, feasible and financially viable ideas a reality, so that:

  1. Hotels operated by CHHotel rise to become one of the top in their category;
  2. Prudent management policies are applied through qualified personnel to hold costs as low as possible;
  3. This CHHotel-led hotel type can be spread progressively across Europe;
  4. CHHotel as a consulting and management company expands its capacity to support other hospitality projects.

6. Objectives

Our aim is to create a feasible, realistic and financially sustainable concept that will :

  1. to elevate, as often as possible, the hotel, managed by CHHotel, to the first rank of hotels in its category.
  2. apply a rigorous management approach, satisfied with qualified staff and keeping costs to a minimum.
  3. to gradually multiply this type of hotel represented by CHHotel throughout Europe.
  4. to profile CHHotel as a consulting and management company for other hotel projects.

Business policy

Objective of joint success for owners and CHHotel, clearly defining each party’s responsibilities.

Chambre d'hôtel

1. Personnel policy

We believe personnel policy is an important instrument of corporate governance, which should encourage our management staff to embrace their responsibilities. This policy includes various themes, including the principles of our personnel policy, staff planning and selection, preparation of job descriptions, wages and social policy, education and training, leadership, and decisions taken to meet the demands of specific situations.

2. Marketing policy

Our marketing policy is the foreign policy of our company. Through marketing we show our intention to provide the designated services…

  • At the right time, the right place, at the right price;
  • Of the most appropriate tailor-made kind;
  • Through effective and targeted advertising and salesmanship;
  • To achieve returns which ensure the long-term existence of the company. 

We share the opinion that sees marketing as one of the main fibers of the RED THREAD that signifies the general orientation of a company.

The aim of this policy is to provide structure to the purchasing and service delivery process that makes them profitable in the short- and long-term.

The desirability and quality of our sales and services determine the future of our company. We therefore devote special attention to these endeavors.

3. Fiscal policy

The objectives of our financial policy, its principles, and the procedures necessary for its realization will help to ensure the progress of our company.

In this pursuit CHHotel company decisions should be based on the written policies of the owners and the management budget.

Company concept

Adaptable design to market requirements and periodic improvements

1. Hosting concept

We adapt our infrastructure to accommodate vacationers and business travelers alike, thanks to our flexibility and versatile facilities.

2. Concept of gastronomy

Our vision is to bring new dimensions to every region through our buildings and management. We aim for quality and want to make gastronomy accessible to all.

3. Design of ancillary companies

CHHotel’s principles and values also apply to ancillary businesses, requiring their alignment with our business policy.

José Lorente

José Lorente

CEO & Founder

Why fruit trees will not grow on concrete

No one would try to plant fruit trees on concrete. Everyone knows that this effort would be in vain. Even the healthy development of a community (family, community, state, etc.) needs the right foundation. Otherwise, the efforts are doomed to failure.

A look into history affirms how much suffering is associated with people trying to build societies, empires and systems on a false foundation and under false assumptions.

Chambre d'hôtel

The basis for sustainable development

For me, God’s Word, the Bible, has become the foundation of my own life and of living with others. It reveals our Creator, as the God of history, the present and the future, and as the God of justice, love, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

The Bible answers the deepest questions in life: where we come from, where we are going, and what is the meaning and purpose of life. It places us in the context of eternity, showing the centrality of relationship in the life of each human being: the relationship with God and our relationships with each other. Man was created for this purpose.

The Ten Commandments, which God gave to the people of Israel, are still the cornerstone of any truly functional community. One cannot violate a single commandment without inflicting harm upon oneself and others. Jesus himself summarized the meaning of all Divine instruction as follows: «Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.»

This selfless love and appreciation of all God’s creatures is the only basis for supporting the sustainable development of society.

— José Lorente

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